most of my days are spent on the precipice of “low”
one wrong move, one misstep
and the world darkens
shoulders up, jaw clenched, breath held 
grasping for every card contained in my back pocket 
maybe i can find new cards 
i think. 
the stack grows thinner and thinner. 
some of my days are spent on the exhalation of “high”
No wrong moves; All good steps 
My world is bright lights and warm sun on expectant skin 
Laughter supernova across my face 
Love and kindness and compassion and home 
When I am good, I am oh-so-good 
If grace is the marriage between the “low” and the “high,” am I the love-child of indecision?
or the bastard-child of unacceptance? 

In my world, opposites don’t attract. 
They split. 
They diverge. 
Binaries polarize. 
I am learning how love-children and bastards live in-between. 
And, I’ve no home yet. 

7 Comments on “love-child of indecision

  1. This is very deep and touch on I believe some sensitive things. Great job 🙂


  2. These words are deep and intriguing. I love the concept between the high and the low… some days are like that. Great work!


  3. Life has its ups and downs that we navigate like sailors on the sea. Love your free verse!


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