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All my cats have ever know is love… What about you?

All my cats have ever known is love.  That’s my explanation for every endearing thing they do.  Day in and night out, they are cuddly creatures.  They lazily follow me and any guest in my home from room to room and patiently wait until everyone is settled to plop down right beside the “hoo-mans”. “They wanna be where the people are,” is my quick … Read More All my cats have ever know is love… What about you?


love-child of indecision

most of my days are spent on the precipice of “low” one wrong move, one misstep and the world darkens shoulders up, jaw clenched, breath held grasping for every card contained in my back pocket maybe i can find new cards i think. the stack grows thinner and thinner. some of my days are spent on the exhalation of “high” No wrong moves; All … Read More love-child of indecision


Per My Mission, I Have Permission

Up until the very recent past, I did a good job of living and working without trying.  In the road map of Taylor’s life, I had a lane that went from Point A to Point B.  My lane included reading, learning how to teach, working, and being a steadfast friend.  I knew that lane would lead me to a career that was dependable and … Read More Per My Mission, I Have Permission


“I Give A F&%k”: A Journey

CONTENT WARNING: A profuse use of the “F-word” is throughout this post. If that doesn’t jive, with you, please stop reading now. Much love to all. -Taylor Even as a child, I gave a fuck.   My parents still tell the story of how, before I even entered kindergarten, I was in their living room and saw the UNICEF commercial, the one showing the … Read More “I Give A F&%k”: A Journey


I am so happy to see you//see me

I’m who you want to be around when you’re feeling low. Need some chicken soup? I got it. A cup of coffee? It’s already made. Big old hug? Coming your way! Seeing someone’s sadness, confusion, hurt, pain, and then making it better? I’ve landed in two, really three, careers so far that have all had to do with that same concept.  And it lights me the hell … Read More I am so happy to see you//see me

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