Photograph by Cassidy Rudnick

Hello! I have a feeling we are going to become great friends.

My (current) favorite color combination is
lavender and daffodil yellow.

I have an obsession with cat mugs, empowered feminist memoirs, and brunch dates. 

“Fiercely passionate”, “curious”, and “loyal” all describe me. 

I’m a former teacher, current manager, and future world-changer. 

I specialize in making things better. 

A year ago, I started a journey to fall in love with myself and the space I hold in this world.  

And, it worked.
So, I want to talk with you now. 

We will not talk about how to lose fifteen pounds or scheme ways in which to find your dream husband.  I won’t tell you how to decorate your house, what to feed your kids (or cats), and I refuse to shame you in any way, shape, or form. 

Instead, we’re going to do something else.  

I will share about times I felt less-than, or “imperfect,” and how I changed that feeling.  I will relish in moments of ordinary magic.  I will offer suggestions for making things better.  I will tell you stories about scary first-times and how I sat with the monsters in my head.  I will reflect on how life is oh-so-good right now and visualize ways to ensure tomorrow shines even brighter

If you, at any point in time, have dared to dream, love, or find clarity in your world, you belong here.  This blog is written to you, my future friend, and I can’t wait for you to subscribe below. 

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