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All my cats have ever know is love… What about you?

All my cats have ever known is love.  That’s my explanation for every endearing thing they do.  Day in and night out, they are cuddly creatures.  They lazily follow me and any guest in my home from room to room and patiently wait until everyone is settled to plop down right beside the “hoo-mans”. “They wanna be where the people are,” is my quick … Read More All my cats have ever know is love… What about you?


My Mission

“…only in loving the world, friends, can we change it.”–taylor edwards Hello, friends! My name is Taylor. When I was in college, I changed my major from psychology to English education.  It was a monumental move that allowed me to grow into the lady I am today.  However, before making that switch, I was in a relatively small sociology course.  The exact title of … Read More My Mission


Go, Go, Go… Grace

I’m a lady that knows how to get shit done. I came from two working-class parents who grinded and hustled their way out of poverty and into a comfortable upper-middle-class lifestyle by sheer grit and determination. I learned quickly, “lazy” was the worst four-letter explicative you could hurl at anyone and “half-ass”-ing anything was something we just didn’t do. Period.  Another phrase that didn’t jive … Read More Go, Go, Go… Grace

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