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My Mission

“…only in loving the world, friends, can we change it.”–taylor edwards Hello, friends! My name is Taylor. When I was in college, I changed my major from psychology to English education.  It was a monumental move that allowed me to grow into the lady I am today.  However, before making that switch, I was in a relatively small sociology course.  The exact title of … Read More My Mission


I am so happy to see you//see me

I’m who you want to be around when you’re feeling low. Need some chicken soup? I got it. A cup of coffee? It’s already made. Big old hug? Coming your way! Seeing someone’s sadness, confusion, hurt, pain, and then making it better? I’ve landed in two, really three, careers so far that have all had to do with that same concept.  And it lights me the hell … Read More I am so happy to see you//see me

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