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Don’t Shy Away from 2021

Can we take a moment and recognize the cluster that 2020 was?  2020 began for me in a bar, with my friends.  I jokingly said I was going into the new year with “20/20 vision” and non-jokingly claimed it as mine. We toasted cheap champagne and kissed each other on the cheeks; I spent the night with my best friend and woke up to … Read More Don’t Shy Away from 2021


Exploring “Happy”

I have a motley group of loud, energetic, friends.  Like a jigsaw puzzle, we have a variety of similarities; we fit together in a scene of celebration.   Maybe, if I had to pick, the picture on the cover of the puzzle box is a New Year’s Eve dreamscape.  Champagne and balloons and laughing people, all dressed up and ready to play. Beautifully, our individual … Read More Exploring “Happy”

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